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The best features
of the Anfibio Nano RTC

The potential and the fascination of such a packraft are significantly greater than the boat itself.

Alan Klee _ Author of Survival Magazine





120 cm


34 cm



205 – 230 cm


87 cm


200 – 225 cm

Tube diameter

26 cm




1050 g

Seat (removable)

130 – 250 g


Pack strap

25 g

Inflation bag

100 g

Repair material

20 g

More information

Pack size


20×15 cm


135 kg


3-4 km/h

Available colors


Super light & high capacity
The clever packraft

When super light equipment and high transport capacity are required in equal measure, the Nano RTC comes into play. The boat is an extremely lightweight packraft with a roll-top closure, allowing luggage to be stowed in the tube, providing ample load capacity. Minimal pack size, 1 kg weight and robust enough for combined adventures with increased payload.


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The sturdy system of the RTC guarantees easy and quick handling. In addition to increased load capacity, the luggage compartment also ensures a lower center of gravity and enables luggage transport that is protected from moisture and wind. The entire interior of the packraft can be used as storage space. Though the roll closure is not intended to fill the boat with air, it can be used to speed up inflation if the wind is strong enough.


From ultra-light adventures, trekking tours, other hobbies (fishing, geocaching, etc.) to multi-day expeditions: the Nano RTC always finds its place in the backpack and is more than just a boat for short river crossings. It has its field of application above all on standing and calmly flowing waters. Due to its optimal ratio in terms of weight/pack size/storage space, it can also be used as a full-fledged boat on larger undertakings. Of course, it is also well suited as a separate boat for children and can also be quickly packed up again if it is not used after all. Other usage scenarios include: islandeering, wild swimming, adventure racing, canyoning, cave tours and urban packrafting.

Super-light but sturdy packraft with a low-maintenance solution to in-hull storage. Simple, but well-detailed design.
Chris Scott _ Author of Inflatable Kayaks and Packrafts

our packrafts

Anfibio Nano RTC

Weight 997 g
Capacity 135 kg
Length 205 - 230 cm
Width 87 cm
Packing size 20x15 cm

Anfibio Revo CL

Weight 2.060 g
Capacity 140 kg
Length 239 cm
Width 90 cm
Packing size 30x20 cm
To Anfibio Revo CL

Anfibio Revo XL+

Weight 2.525 g
Capacity 170 kg
Length 247 cm
Width 92 cm
Packing size 30x20cm
To Anfibio Revo XL+

Anfibio Omega C2 (+)

Weight 3.370 g
Capacity 280 kg
Length 375 cm
Width 99 cm
Packing size 35x25 cm
To Anfibio Omega C2 (+)

Anfibio Rebel Duo (+)

Weight 4.570 g
Capacity 280 kg
Length 350 cm
Width 99 cm
Packing size 40x35 cm
To Anfibio Rebel Duo (+)

Anfibio Sigma TXL (+)

Weight 2.800 g
Capacity 200kg
Length 280 cm
Width 91 cm
Packing size 35x25 cm
To Anfibio Sigma TXL (+)

Anfibio Sigma TX

Weight 2.030 g
Capacity 220 kg
Length 260 cm
Width 93 cm
Packing size 30x20 cm
To Anfibio Sigma TX

Anfibio Rebel 2K

Weight 2.055 g
Capacity 150 kg
Length 231 cm
Width 91 cm
Packing size 30x20 cm
To Anfibio Rebel 2K

Anfibio Delta MX

Weight 1.610 g
Capacity 150 kg
Length 234 cm
Width 90 cm
Packing size 30x15 cm
To Anfibio Delta MX

Anfibio Alpha XC

Weight 1.400 g
Capacity 120 kg
Length 210 cm
Width 84 cm
Packing size 25x15 cm
To Anfibio Alpha XC

Anfibio Nano SL

Weight 830 g
Capacity 120 kg
Length 205 cm
Width 87 cm
Packing size 20x15 cm
To Anfibio Nano SL

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