The crossover




The best features
of the Anfibio Sigma TX





160 cm


39 cm



260 cm


93 cm


250 cm

Tube diameter

27 cm




2.030 g

Seat (removable)

300 – 400 g


Pack strap

25 g

Inflation bag

100 g

Repair material

20 g

More information

Pack size

Boat without TubeBags

30×20 cm


220 kg


5 km/h

Available colors


Compact & versatile
Team-minded lightweight

The Sigma TX is a true packraft due to its light weight. The large interior space makes it suitable for sharing with a partner or as a very generous single. Dog owners, fishing enthusiasts, hunters and sailors will also find in the Sigma TX the ideal companion. Weighting about 1 kg per person it appeals to trekking friends, ultralight enthusiasts as well as single paddlers with extra loads.


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Passages on simple rivers and lakes become effortless. For short distances with smaller loads (e.g. as a solo), livelier waters can also be tackled, ideally with a floor mat. Typical applications are trekking with river sections, classic packrafting tours for two (combined tours on land and water), adventure races and expeditions, traveling with children or dogs, trolling, geocaching or sailing.


The seat configuration is very variable. A block seat and the adjustable backrest can be positioned freely. They serve as only seat in a fast single or as the front seat for a small, minimalist double. The attachment points provide stable support. To save weight and space, seats can also be replaced by pieces of luggage (dry bags, sleeping mats, etc.) or positioned facing to each other instead of in the direction of travel both.


We recommend the optional floor mat which stiffens the entire hull. With the mat, the packraft gains big benefits in terms of on gliding, buoyancy, isolation, seating comfort, boat control and safety.

Extremely light and yet large enough to safely carry one person with a lot of luggage to the other side of the fjord. The Sigma TX is my absolute favorite for Greenland.

Gabriel Gersch _ Guide

our packrafts

Anfibio Sigma TX

Weight 2.030 g
Capacity 220 kg
Length 260 cm
Width 93 cm
Packing size 30x20 cm

Anfibio Revo CL

Weight 2.060 g
Capacity 140 kg
Length 239 cm
Width 90 cm
Packing size 30x20 cm
To Anfibio Revo CL

Anfibio Revo XL+

Weight 2.525 g
Capacity 170 kg
Length 247 cm
Width 92 cm
Packing size 30x20cm
To Anfibio Revo XL+

Anfibio Omega C2 (B+)

Weight 3.370 g
Capacity 280 kg
Length 375 cm
Width 99 cm
Packing size 35x25 cm
To Anfibio Omega C2 (B+)

Anfibio Rebel 3KL+

Weight 3.230 g
Capacity 180 kg
Length 272 cm
Width 91 cm
Packing size 35x25 cm
To Anfibio Rebel 3KL+

Anfibio Rebel Duo (+)

Weight 4.570 g
Capacity 280 kg
Length 350 cm
Width 99 cm
Packing size 40x35 cm
To Anfibio Rebel Duo (+)

Anfibio Sigma TXLB+

Weight 2.600g
Capacity 200kg
Length 280cm
Width 91cm
Packing size 35x25cm
To Anfibio Sigma TXLB+

Anfibio Sigma TXL (+)

Weight 2.800 g
Capacity 200kg
Length 280 cm
Width 91 cm
Packing size 35x25 cm
To Anfibio Sigma TXL (+)

Anfibio Rebel 2K

Weight 2.055 g
Capacity 150 kg
Length 231 cm
Width 91 cm
Packing size 30x20 cm
To Anfibio Rebel 2K

Anfibio Delta MX

Weight 1.610 g
Capacity 150 kg
Length 234 cm
Width 90 cm
Packing size 30x15 cm
To Anfibio Delta MX

Anfibio Alpha XC

Weight 1.400 g
Capacity 120 kg
Length 210 cm
Width 84 cm
Packing size 25x15 cm
To Anfibio Alpha XC

Anfibio Nano RTC (XL)

Weight 997 g
Capacity 135 kg
Length 205 - 230 cm
Width 87 cm
Packing size 20x15 cm
To Anfibio Nano RTC (XL)

Anfibio Nano SL

Weight 830 g
Capacity 120 kg
Length 205 cm
Width 87 cm
Packing size 20x15 cm
To Anfibio Nano SL
Suitable accessories –
for your new Sigma TX
Anfibio Buoy Boy

Anfibio Buoy Boy

Inflatable vest, which combines comfort, buoyancy function, good packability and low weight. For packrafting, river trekking or wildswimming.

Anfibio Buoy Boy
Anfibio LifePatch

Anfibio LifePatch

Temporarily repair of inflatable rafts, pools, air beds and any other inflatable products as well as tents and rain gear. For quick repairs, no tools required. Sticks even on wet surfaces as well as uncoated fabrics!

Anfibio LifePatch
Anfibio MultiBag

Anfibio MultiBag

Weighing just 230g our 210D, TPU-coated nylon Anfibio Multibag 40 is a robust and light drybag with many functions. It can be a regular drybag with the twistlock valve enabling compact compression, but the valve also makes a hanging water bag with a tap or even a shower.

Anfibio MultiBag
Anfibio Vertex Multi Tour

Anfibio Vertex Multi Tour

Revised, redesigned paddle for the use with two-person-packrafts, alone or with two people. The lightweight fiber glass kayak paddle can easiely be converted into two canoe paddles, and even a SUP paddle. The position length is adjustable from 210 cm to 225 cm at free angle.

Anfibio Vertex Multi Tour
Anfibio AirSail

Anfibio AirSail

The first packraft sail of its kind! The lightweight, inflatable AirSail brings your packraft properly on speed and lets you experience speed even on still waters. The sail creates completely new possibilities to be on tour with your packraft.

Anfibio AirSail

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