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As a specialist in the field of packrafting, we do not work in isolation, but with excellent connections. Our offers are integrated into a network of good partnerships.

We enjoy the professional use of our products and are proud of our relationships.

We work for our partners in an uncomplicated, service-oriented and passionate manner.

Sven Schellin _ CEO Anfibio


We are fair by treating the interests of our partners as equals.


We are transparent because we clearly communicate our motives.


We are honest by providing credible, verifiable data. 


We are reliable because we strive for long-term relationships.

Event or tour organiser

Bikerafting Adventures
Cairn Outdoor
Dominik Szmajda
Into the Arctic
Land Water Adventures
Outdoor Artisans
Packraft Schweiz
RB Adventuresports
Secret Compass
SwiftWater L.T.D
Trekk’n Guide
Wildact Adventure


Wesikko Outdoors
Kanux Kanuverleih
Vidinge Gård

experts & speakers

Our network of experts

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Speakers & ambassadors

Kai Sackman

Carola Kessler

Lisa Kristin Schrötter

Dominik Szmajda

Dirk Schmiedeberg

Hansjörg Ransmayr

Hermelbracht family

Henrik Morkel

Killian Reil

Steingässer photography

Gabriel Gersch

Christian Martischius

Richard Löwenherz

Alan Klee

Robert Neu

Tobias Schorcht

Johannes Korman
Peter Baumeister

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Alan Klee
Carola Kessler
Chris Scott
Christian Martischius
Dirk Schmiedeberg
Dominik Szmajda
Familie Hermelbracht
Gabriel Gersch
Hansjörg Ransmayr
Kai Sackmann
Kilian Reil
Lisa Kristin Schrötter
Maciej Besta
Richard Löwenherz
Robert Neu
Steingässer Fotografie
Tobias Schorcht
Joahannes Kormann


& service providers

We work together with international suppliers and service providers on a basis of trust and are interested in long-term partnerships. Anfibio is a reliable, strong and cooperative purchaser.



Service provider


We would rather carry our own boats than carry something on the backs of others.

Business contact

Are you interested in a partnership with us? Are you looking for reliable and reputable equipment incl. advice for your business? Then we look forward to a possible cooperation.

Please contact us with the following information and your request.


Angaben zum Unternehmen


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Produkt & Beratung

Der Kundenservice unseres Stores berät Sie gern zu Ihrem Anliegen. 

Geschäftskunden & B2B

Sind Sie an zuverlässiger und namhafter Ausrüstung inkl. Beratung für ihr Geschäft interessiert? 

Zulieferer & Dienstleister

Wir sind an langfristigen Partnerschaften mit internationalen Lieferanten und Dienstleistern interessiert.

Karriere & Bewerbung

Sie möchten Teil unseres Teams werden und Ihre Begeisterung für die Freiheit am Wasser zum Beruf machen?

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