The allrounder




The best features
of the Anfibio Rebel 2K





127 cm


37 cm



231 cm


91 cm


220 cm

Tube diameter

27 cm



Boat without TubeBags

2.055 g

Boat with TubeBags

2.645 g

Seat (removable)

315 g


Pack strap

25 g

Inflation bag

100 g

Repair material

20 g

More information

Pack size

Boat without TubeBags

30×20 cm

Boat with TubeBags

30×25 cm


150 kg


4,5 km/h

Available colors


Ultra light & versatile
Packrafting reinvented

Can you reinvent packrafting? Maybe with the Anfibio Rebel 2K. Extremely transportable as well as versatile and reliable, the boat reflects on the core characteristics of a packraft! When stowed away, the Rebel 2K takes up little more space than a 2L drinking bottle in a backpack and yet has all the features for real adventures.


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Whether a longer trekking tour with lake crossings where the boat is hardly important or extensive river tours on splashing waters – the Rebel 2K can be used universally. On an expedition or after work – if you are creative, you will find interesting land-water uses.

The boat can be used in white water due to its properties in terms of shape, volume and spray deck. However, for a primary use in this sense, we offer specific whitewater packrafts. Additional accessories such as a footrest, thigh straps or a floor mat can be useful for increased performance. However, this is not necessary for regular use.

The boat is meant as a single to be paddled kayak style. The boat is inflated with the supplied nylon inflation bag, with which the air is pressed into the boat.
Like all Anfibio Packrafts, the Rebel 2K is made from a special 210/840 urethane nylon fabric which has a high tear and abrasion resistance combined with low weight. The smooth, shiny surface of the tube coating is particularly scratch resistant.

I think the Rebel 2K will become a classic packraft: the skeg, storage, deck and color scheme all combine to make an unbeatable package to deliver everything that makes packrafting fun and worthwhile.

Chris Scott _ Author of Inflatable Kayaks and Packrafts

Strong comparison
of our packrafts

Anfibio Rebel 2K

Weight 2.055 g
Capacity 150 kg
Length 231 cm
Width 91 cm
Packing size 30x20 cm

Anfibio Revo CL

Weight 2.060 g
Capacity 140 kg
Length 239 cm
Width 90 cm
Packing size 30x20 cm
To Anfibio Revo CL

Anfibio Revo XL+

Weight 2.525 g
Capacity 170 kg
Length 247 cm
Width 92 cm
Packing size 30x20cm
To Anfibio Revo XL+

Anfibio Omega C2 (B+)

Weight 3.370 g
Capacity 280 kg
Length 375 cm
Width 99 cm
Packing size 35x25 cm
To Anfibio Omega C2 (B+)

Anfibio Rebel 3KL+

Weight 3.230 g
Capacity 180 kg
Length 272 cm
Width 91 cm
Packing size 35x25 cm
To Anfibio Rebel 3KL+

Anfibio Rebel Duo (+)

Weight 4.570 g
Capacity 280 kg
Length 350 cm
Width 99 cm
Packing size 40x35 cm
To Anfibio Rebel Duo (+)

Anfibio Sigma TXLB+

Weight 2.600g
Capacity 200kg
Length 280cm
Width 91cm
Packing size 35x25cm
To Anfibio Sigma TXLB+

Anfibio Sigma TXL (+)

Weight 2.800 g
Capacity 200kg
Length 280 cm
Width 91 cm
Packing size 35x25 cm
To Anfibio Sigma TXL (+)

Anfibio Sigma TX

Weight 2.030 g
Capacity 220 kg
Length 260 cm
Width 93 cm
Packing size 30x20 cm
To Anfibio Sigma TX

Anfibio Delta MX

Weight 1.610 g
Capacity 150 kg
Length 234 cm
Width 90 cm
Packing size 30x15 cm
To Anfibio Delta MX

Anfibio Alpha XC

Weight 1.400 g
Capacity 120 kg
Length 210 cm
Width 84 cm
Packing size 25x15 cm
To Anfibio Alpha XC

Anfibio Nano RTC (XL)

Weight 997 g
Capacity 135 kg
Length 205 - 230 cm
Width 87 cm
Packing size 20x15 cm
To Anfibio Nano RTC (XL)

Anfibio Nano SL

Weight 830 g
Capacity 120 kg
Length 205 cm
Width 87 cm
Packing size 20x15 cm
To Anfibio Nano SL

Suitable accessories –
for your Anfibio Rebel 2K

Anfibio Buoy Boy

Anfibio Buoy Boy

Aufblasbare Weste, welche Tragekomfort, Auftriebsfunktion, gute Packbarkeit und geringes Gewicht vereint. Für Packrafting, Wasserwandern, Schwimmtrekking oder Wildswimming. Eine sinnvolle Ergänzung für Packraftingabenteuer jeglicher Art.

Anfibio Buoy Boy
Anfibio MultiLeash

Anfibio MultiLeash

Die Anfibio MultiLeash ist als multifunktionale Sicherungs-, Abschlepp- und Trageleine für den Einsatz zu Land und zu Wasser konzeptioniert. Durch den elastischen Anteil und die vielseitigen Befestigungsmöglichkeiten von Karabinern oder Riemen ist sie flexibel einsetzbar.

Anfibio MultiLeash
Anfibio DeckPack

Anfibio DeckPack

Wasserdichte Reißverschlusstasche zum Transport wichtiger Ausrüstung auf dem Bootsdeck. Die umlaufende Schlaufenkette erlaubt eine variable Befestigung an allen Arten von Packrafts und anderen Booten. Wasserdicht nach nach IPX7 Standard

Anfibio DeckPack
Anfibio Wave

Anfibio Wave

Hochwertiges, leichtes Tourenpaddel mit hoher Lebensdauer und besonders für ruhige Gewässer und lange Ausfahrten auf dem Wasser (und im Rucksack) geeignet. Der Carbonschaft ist in Länge und Winkel frei verstellbar.

Anfibio Wave

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