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Sven Schellin _ Anfibio





180 cm


37 cm



280 cm


91 cm


270 cm

Tube diameter

27 cm



Boat with TubeBags

2.800 g


160 g

Block seat

300 g


295 g


Pack strap

25 g

Inflation bag

100 g

Repair material

20 g

More information

Pack size

Boat with TubeBags

35×25 cm




6 km/h

Available colors


Versatile & configurable
With or without company

Strictly speaking, the Sigma TXL is a 20 cm longer version of our Sigma TX, with extra large TubeBags and an adjustable seat system. So much for the facts and data. What you make with it is up to you. The application is highly flexible and diverse. The Sigma TXL thrives in many areas.

In the central seating position (as a single), the bow and stern symmetry makes the TXL’s characteristics similar to a conventional kayak. The extended waterline is particularly well suited for extended tours on calm waters. The shape also provides easily accessible storage space behind the seat. The comfort backrest adds stability with the block seat, and is adjustable along with the seat to accommodate paddlers of different sizes.


The area of application extends over seas and rivers from Norway to the Mediterranean. The packed size and weight of 3.2 kg is absolutely suitable for backpacks. This means classic tours for two, including luggage, are possible on lakes and rivers all over the world. An optional floor mat can be fitted to achieve a stiff, fast boat.


The Sigma TXL is also suitable for company, there is enough space not just for luggage, but for a partner, be it a friend, child, or a dog. It’s not just the fast single, but a packraft that can be quickly configured into a double.

That’s how I lured my father, the old sea dog, away from his big yacht.

Lisa-Kristin Schrötter _ Photographer

our packrafts

Anfibio Sigma TXL (+)

Weight 2.800 g
Capacity 200kg
Length 280 cm
Width 91 cm
Packing size 35x25 cm

Anfibio Revo CL

Weight 2.060 g
Capacity 140 kg
Length 239 cm
Width 90 cm
Packing size 30x20 cm
To Anfibio Revo CL

Anfibio Revo XL+

Weight 2.525 g
Capacity 170 kg
Length 247 cm
Width 92 cm
Packing size 30x20cm
To Anfibio Revo XL+

Anfibio Omega C2 (B+)

Weight 3.370 g
Capacity 280 kg
Length 375 cm
Width 99 cm
Packing size 35x25 cm
To Anfibio Omega C2 (B+)

Anfibio Rebel 3KL+

Weight 3.230 g
Capacity 180 kg
Length 272 cm
Width 91 cm
Packing size 35x25 cm
To Anfibio Rebel 3KL+

Anfibio Rebel Duo (+)

Weight 4.570 g
Capacity 280 kg
Length 350 cm
Width 99 cm
Packing size 40x35 cm
To Anfibio Rebel Duo (+)

Anfibio Sigma TXLB+

Weight 2.600g
Capacity 200kg
Length 280cm
Width 91cm
Packing size 35x25cm
To Anfibio Sigma TXLB+

Anfibio Sigma TX

Weight 2.030 g
Capacity 220 kg
Length 260 cm
Width 93 cm
Packing size 30x20 cm
To Anfibio Sigma TX

Anfibio Rebel 2K

Weight 2.055 g
Capacity 150 kg
Length 231 cm
Width 91 cm
Packing size 30x20 cm
To Anfibio Rebel 2K

Anfibio Delta MX

Weight 1.610 g
Capacity 150 kg
Length 234 cm
Width 90 cm
Packing size 30x15 cm
To Anfibio Delta MX

Anfibio Alpha XC

Weight 1.400 g
Capacity 120 kg
Length 210 cm
Width 84 cm
Packing size 25x15 cm
To Anfibio Alpha XC

Anfibio Nano RTC (XL)

Weight 997 g
Capacity 135 kg
Length 205 - 230 cm
Width 87 cm
Packing size 20x15 cm
To Anfibio Nano RTC (XL)

Anfibio Nano SL

Weight 830 g
Capacity 120 kg
Length 205 cm
Width 87 cm
Packing size 20x15 cm
To Anfibio Nano SL

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