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This is how new Anfibio products are created for your next adventure. On this page we explain the materials, construction and concepts, from TubeBags to VenturiTube to TwinTailTM. Welcome to the Making of Anfibio Packrafting Gear.

What principles do we value in development?

And which materials are used?

Insights into our designs and technologies.

All features graphically illustrated and comprehensively described.


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& Concepts

The base of our developments and source of ideas is listening, observing, applying and thinking outside the box. Materials, construction and concepts always follow the principle of function (performance) – weight (packing size) – sustainability (durability).

A product’s functions are our top priority. The equipment should be used flexibly and ideally fulfil several purposes during the trip. A multibag for example is used as a drybag in the morning, as a seat during the day and to shower in the evening. We develop concepts for packrafting adventures.

Weight and packing size are minimised as far as possible. The principle is: as much as necessary; as little as possible. To find a good balance we rely on our experience and a solid database.

We aim for long life cycles and take our sustainability criteria into account during development. This includes maintenance and repair options. Resource-optimised manufacturing often also saves weight and cost.


Discussions with partners and future users provide us with valuable feedback, wishes and visions. They are an important basis for new ideas and improvements.


We carefully observe and analyse our products and materials in use, both ourselves and with customers. In videos, under real conditions and all with a sense of proportion.

Self testing

The best products are also made for oneself. Scratch your own itch! Trying things out and doing our own tests are the most important steps in product development.

Thinking outside the box

We are not afraid to break our own conventions. New approaches provide new solutions.

Development has no beginning and no end, it is a cycle.

The materials are selected for the best balance of weight and durability.

Anfibio Packrafting Gear


State-of-the-art lightweight materials such as fibreglass, carbon, TPU and nylon are used in all components of Anfibio products. Most of them are made of composite structures (fibre and matrix), such as coated nylon (boats, clothing, bags), laminated fibreglass (paddles) or injection-moulded (fibre-reinforced) plastic (accessories).

Spray deck
High quality materials
in every detail

The essential

For our boats and many accessories, we exclusively use TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) coated nylon fabric with different fibre strengths and coating thicknesses, depending on the requirements and area of use. This material class provides excellent basic properties for packraft construction.


A special feature of our tube materials is the use of a translucent TPU coating. The saving of colour pigments in the coating saves weight and cost. The colouring comes exclusively from the coloured nylon base fabric, which is colored anyway.

Advantages of TPU nylon

While the fibres absorb tensile and shear forces, the TPU coating provides resistance to abrasion and makes the material airthight and waterproof. The fibre composite thus has high strength combined with low weight.

Unlike PVC, TPU coating does not require any chemical softeners. This is not only better for the environment, but also ensures greater resistance to ageing (no volatile elements leading to hardening of the fabric).

Unlike many other materials, (aliphatic) TPU coatings do not show any signs of wear and tear even after many hours under the sun’s intense UV. This means longer tours through southern regions are possible without problems with the material.

Using high temperature- or radio frequency welding, TPU will deform and reliably fuse to itself (unlike rubber, for example) making an extremely strong bond. Since no additional elements like glue are needed, this also saves additional weight. For the sake of the environment, we completely dispense with adhesives in the production process.

TPU coated nylon can also be used in very low temperatures, as the material neither stiffens nor becomes brittle, unlike PVC. It retains full flexibility even in sub-zero conditions.

The smooth and shiny surface of the transparent tube coating is especially

scratch resistant.

Our special textile fabric with different yarn thicknesses and weave densities achieves

high tear resistance.

The interaction of these properties results in a unique ratio of weight to durability, which is demonstrated in continuous measurement and test procedures to verify adhesion and tear resistance.

Material version

Makroaufnahmen von Geweben Terra Red, Pacific Blue und Silverlake Blue

We use two type of TPU nylon. A quality that has been tried and tested for many years is used as standard. Our basic variant is made of lightweight 210 denier nylon as well as 420 denier nylon with a 0.1 mm thick TPU lamination (on one or both sides).


For special applications and selected models, there is the Plus(+) variant of our TPU nylon, which is only 17% heavier but 80% stronger. With a higher weave density, stronger fibres and increased layer thicknesses, it is the most durable material currently available for its weight.


The Plus(+) materials can be recognised by their own colours Pacific Blue+ and Terra Red+. But they are also available in the familiar Fresh Green+.

Great material! Here I can touch everything and move freely.

Arco, best friend of photographer Lisa-Kristin Schrötter

Construction &

Our boats and many accessories are inflatable products, so there are always physical limits to the design. However, we use the given scope constructively as much as we can to tailor the boat’s (and other products) handling characteristics for the intended use. 

Ultralight design

Anfibio combines the ultralight concept with robust construction. The glue-free build is only one aspect of our lightweight but sturdy design. Our equipment forgoes unnecessary elements, minimises wherever possible (e.g. the seams) or incorporates design with more than one function (backrest as a support for the spraydeck, for example). Concentrating on the essentials results in the clear design and minimal weight.

High quality processing

Our manufacturing methods such as high-frequency and thermal welding, sewing techniques and cutting are state-of-the-art. All joints are 100% welded instead of glued. This reduces weight and costs while increasing increases durability. The tubes are additionally sewn. We offer an extended 3-year warranty on materials and workmanship for long-lasting paddling pleasure.

Less is more freedom.

Anfibio Packrafting Gear

Matter of

Symmetry & volume

If the bow is identical to the stern, volume and buoyancy are equally distributed. The classic shape is variable in terms of seating position and luggage distribution and can also be used as a single or double, depending on size and set up. A symmetrical hull is the lightest form for a given size. If the hull has an asymmetrical shape, the intention is to achieve a load-appropriate buoyancy distribution and a firm seating position. In particular, a wide, large-volume stern (possibly also a voluminous bow) provides the necessary extra buoyancy, additional stability and manoeuvrability for white water paddling.

Profile & rocker

Packrafts are generally highly manoeuvrable. The shape of the floor has a great influence on the boats handling characteristics. A profiled bottom (e.g., an upturned bow) makes a very agile boat which climbs over waves. A raised stern also supports manoeuvrability. A flat, taut floor is faster and tracks better. The so-called rocker refers to more or less rising ends. A skeg or inflatable floor mat can support or compensate for these floor characteristics to adapt use in calm or white waters.

Length & width

The speed and agility of the boat depends largely on its length (hull speed), while the width provides stability. A long boat is faster and has better gliding properties, while a short, wide boat can turn fast and resists capsizing. Packrafts, however, are generally stable and hard to turn over but a short boat is always lighter and more compact.

Function on board
Konvention über Bord

In addition to smaller, sustaining improvements, we also drive developments forward with completely new solutions. Here are some of our features and innovations:

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