Anfibio was born from the wish to combine our interest in ultralight hiking with our passion for paddling. We have always taken new, unconventional paths.


The name ‘Anfibio’ describes life in water and on land (amphibious), which perfectly characterises us.


More broadly, amphibolism (ancient Greek: ἀμφιβολία) refers to something which has multiple meanings or uses which also sums up packrafting and what we do, from the multipaddle to our role as bloggers, specialist dealers and packraft developers.


Last but not least, the Greek alphabet also finds its way into the names of many of our models, from Alpha to Omega.

& founding

Anfibio goes back to old friends, Marc Kreinacker and Sven Schellin, who have long shared a passion for the outdoors and water sports. 


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Marc and Sven met in 2003 during a trip to Canada. Their mutual passion for the outdoors is the beginning of countless tours and a long friendship.


Later, ultralight trekking came into the picture. As paddlers, packrafting was the logical combination, inspiring a growing community of like-minded people with reports in magazines and blogs. Together, Marc and Sven cooked up new ideas about materials and construction.


In 2011, the registration of our business laid the foundation for their exciting business venture.



Packrafting Store & Anfibio Packsuit

The name Anfibio is born and our online shop packrafting-store.de opens with various brands, esp. Alpacka Raft, but also Hiko, Supai, HMG and others. With the Anfibio Packsuit, a dry suit for packrafters is launched on the market. In addition, white water courses and our rental business start.


First employees & Anfibio Buoy Boy

In the first few years we grew, among other things, through the market launch of the Anfibio Buoy Boy, our popular inflatable vest and other accessories (LifeLine, MultiBag, MultiPaddle), but also because of the reporting in the German Alpine Club (DAV), the TV documentation at MDR Biwak and in the Bayrischer Rundfunk as well as through presentations at numerous festivals such as Bergsichten, Weltsichten, Fernweh, elMundo and the Paddle Festival.


New central warehouse & B2B business

The scope of the business makes adjustments in logistics and in the business model necessary. We are open to other suppliers, but also to commercial customers such as tour operators, rental stations and specialist shops. As a result, Alpacka is withdrawing from us. We then start a development cooperation with Micro Rafting System. But also the cooperation with professional travelers such as Kai Sackmann and Richard Löwenherz is gaining momentum. The highlight is our participation in RedBull Amphibious and the 1000Seen Marathon.



Anfibio relaunch & ultralight packrafts

Our icon is being redesigned and the word Anfibio will become a central part of our website names and logos. The most important milestone, however, is the development and launch of our own ultralight packraft series Anfibio Alpha XC, Delta MX, Sigma TX and Nano SL. Again we are on the road with MDR BIWAK. Also the German Canoe Association (DKV) reports.



Relocation & Anfibio Rebel 2K

The office and workshop in Leipzig are given expanded spaces, also for new employees. A milestone is the launch of the Anfibio Rebel 2K, the ultralight, fully-equipped packraft. The model variants Nano RTC (with roll top closure) and Sigma TXV (with viewing window) also attract attention. In addition, we introduce serveral Anfibio accessories from the DeckPack to the Anfibio Skeg and the Daypack Companion. Also worth mentioning is the first inflatable sail of its kind, the Anfibio AirSail. Interviews and reports in the British Guardian, the FAZ and Spiegel round off the eventful years.


Anfibio website & new packrafts

We present our new Anfibio website just in time for the launch of five new packraft models. But there are also reports from the inside of our company and our external responsibility. Whitewater models, fast singles and large doubles with completely new concepts and applications are now also part of our range. Ultralight, sustainable and innovative – these are the values by which we measure ourselves. Nevertheless, we will continue to live up to our role as a specialist shop, e.g. continue to offer packrafts from partner and third-party brands and be the corresponding service point.



Plus(+) Material & Sustainability in Focus

We introduce our new Plus(+) material for selected packrafts and special applications. Its higher weave density, stronger fibres or increased layer thicknesses make it the most robust material currently available for its weight. In addition, the new technology and download pages offer insights into the development or access to our instruction manuals.

We are also sticking to our ecological responsibility: From now on, our packaging will be made exclusively of sustainable materials and our shipping will be climate neutral. In addition, we are committed to recovering plastic in the sea through a partnership with the Plastic Bank. In 2023, 1.091 kg of plastic can be collected and fed into the recycling cycle thanks to our contribution. This is approximately 5 times the amount of plastic waste directly generated by our company.



Relaunch of our Store and popular packrafts

Our online Store is getting a thorough makeover with a modern design, advanced logistics connectivity and new features, such as the ability to customise products more easily in a configurator.

The Anfibio Packraft range is extended with the Rebel 3KL+, the Sigma TXLB+, the Omega C2B+ and the Nano RTC XL, which are all further developments and variants of our popular classics Rebel 2K, Sigma TX, Omega C2 and Nano RTC.

Mission &

Anfibio aims to empower people to experience creative tours on land and water.


Our vision is to establish the activity and strive to be an important part of it. We seek to encourage people to find other perspectives, new paths and freedom. 


Our mission is to select, develop and offer the products and services that offer the feeling of freedom between land and water.


With our products we seek to contribute to a fair and sustainable way of life for all. 

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